Introducing the California Budget & Policy Center

To mark our organization’s 20th anniversary, we are pleased to announce that we are now the California Budget & Policy Center.

Since being established in 1995, we have provided credible, timely research on key state budget and policy issues, with a focus on how policy choices can improve the lives of low- and middle-income Californians. Over the years, we have never wavered from this purpose. We believe that through rigorous yet accessible research and analysis, we increase understanding in the state budget and related policies easier and, in turn, enable policymakers, advocacy groups, foundations, nonprofits, community leaders, and other stakeholders to better make the case for policy change that paves the way for broadly shared prosperity in our state.

None of this will change. We’ll continue to be your trusted source for relevant insights on the critical policy questions facing California. But our new name, along with a new logo and tagline, reflects how far we have come and, most importantly, where we are headed.

We believe that the name California Budget & Policy Center reflects our current and future role in the state, with a scope that encompasses policy issues beyond the budget itself. Also, we have become a recognized center of budget, policy, and economic expertise; a center of information and analysis; a center of training, education, and convening; and a center of ideas for how to create better outcomes for California’s individuals, families, and communities.

Our new tagline speaks to our mission: Independent analysis is at the core of all we do, and the reason why is a deep commitment to broadening economic opportunity and improving the lives of all Californians. We also have a new logo that is current, optimistic, and straightforward, and evokes the spirit of California.

Further, this website and other new capacities represent a fundamental reworking of how we present our research and analysis, all with an eye toward making our resources easier to find, use, and understand, so that you can better obtain timely information on the issues you care about. Look for continued advances from us in the coming months with regard to data visualization and how we present and share our analyses (and be sure to sign up for our updates if you don’t already receive them.)

Through the various changes we’ve put in place, and the changes still to come, we seek to be more compelling, more impactful, and more accessible as the Budget Center embarks on our next 20 years.