A Legislative Guide to Advocates’ Health and Human Services Funding Priorities for 2015-16

In our recent post examining this year’s state budget constraints and opportunities, we noted that legislators have been reviewing a range of funding priorities put forth by advocates — priorities that Governor Jerry Brown left out of his proposed budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year, which begins this coming July 1.

Up until now, these various funding proposals have been hard to track, scattered across multiple Assembly and Senate budget committee hearing agendas.

But no more.

The Senate has brought together — in just two documents — most of the proposals in the health and human services areas of the budget, along with their estimated costs. (These funding proposals are listed toward the end of each document.)

Members of the public will have an opportunity to voice their support for these policy ideas when Subcommittee #3 of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee convenes at the state Capitol today. However, the subcommittee is unlikely to take action on any of these proposals until after the Governor releases his revised budget proposal — the May Revision — next week, at which point the state’s revenue picture is expected to come into greater focus.

— Scott Graves