Affordable Child Care Keeps Californians Working

In an op-ed today in the San Diego Union-Tribune, CBP Executive Director Jean Ross talks about the importance of state-supported child care for keeping Californians working, particularly in a still-challenging economy plagued by long-term unemployment. State-funded child care helps foster a stable workforce, helps low-income families make ends meet, and ensures that children are cared for safely. Jean writes, “Budget cuts that end care or increase its costs will push many families beyond the breaking point. Without assistance, many will literally not be able to afford work. Others will juggle inadequate alternatives such as leaving children without supervision or leaving older children to care for young siblings.”

We applaud Senate and Assembly Democrats’ recent rejection of Governor Schwarzenegger’s May Revision proposal to eliminate all state-funded child care. As budget negotiations intensify this summer, Jean urges Californians to remember that if keeping Californians working is our priority, child care must be, too.

— Lisa Gardiner

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