California EITC Awareness Campaign Launches Today

Today marks the official launch of a statewide campaign, CalEITC4me, to spread awareness of California’s first-ever state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which will help workers who face economic hardship to better meet their basic needs. The campaign was initiated by Golden State Opportunity, a new foundation created by California entrepreneur Joe Sanberg, and is led by a public-private partnership that includes state agencies, business leaders, and a diverse range of local and statewide community organizations.

The CalEITC4me campaign not only aims to make sure that the new state EITC benefits as many eligible workers as possible, but also seeks to increase uptake of the federal EITC as well as the use of free tax-preparation services so that workers avoid losing part of their refund paying fees. Increasing awareness of the new credit, and its potential to substantially boost the incomes of workers who earn too little to make ends meet, will be key to its success, as we’ve discussed previously. Promoting the state credit also provides an ideal opportunity to increase use of the federal credit, as we’ve pointed out here.

To learn more about the campaign and how to help spread the word about the state’s new tax credit for low-earning workers, view these resources:

  • The CalEITC4me campaign’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.
  • A California EITC calculator, which allows workers to estimate how much they might receive from both the state and federal EITCs.
  • The Budget Center’s overview of California’s state EITC.
  • The Budget Center’s interactive tool, which is designed to help policymakers and advocates, as well as workers themselves, to better understand how California’s EITC will enhance the benefits of the federal credit.

— Alissa Anderson