CBP Analysis Looks at June Ballot Measure That Would Raise Cigarette Tax

Accustomed to facing a long list of ballot measures, California voters might be pleasantly surprised to see that the June 5 statewide ballot contains only two propositions. One of these is Proposition 29, which asks California voters to approve an increase in the cigarette tax. Under Proposition 29, the cigarette excise tax would increase by $1 per pack, more than doubling the current per-pack tax of 87 cents. The proceeds of the tax – an estimated $810 million in 2013-14, the first full fiscal year after implementation ­– would support a number of tobacco-related programs, including research on cancer and other diseases.

Yesterday the CBP released an analysis of this ballot measure, Proposition 29: Should California Increase the Cigarette Tax? This publication provides key facts about the state’s current tobacco taxes, shows how the new cigarette tax revenue would be allocated, and discusses key policy issues raised by the measure. The CBP neither supports nor opposes Proposition 29. This analysis is designed to help voters make an informed decision based on the merits of the issues.

– Steven Bliss