Healthy Families Waiting List Pared Down, But so Is Enrollment

The Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (MRMIB), which administers the Healthy Families Program, reported this afternoon that it has enrolled about 55,000 children who had been placed on a waiting list for Healthy Families when the program’s funding fell short. This figure includes children who have been enrolled in November, and who are not reflected in the latest enrollment reports that cover October 2009.

Staff also reported that MRMIB’s vendor has processed about 80 percent of the applications for nearly 90,000 children who had been placed on the waiting list, which was in effect for two months from July 17 through September 16. Staff expects to have processed all applications by the end of the month.

Today’s news is welcome, considering that only 25 percent of waiting list applications had been reviewed at the time of MRMIB’s October meeting.  That said, overall enrollment is down substantially since its peak in July. At that time, 922,429 children had health coverage through Healthy Families. By the end of October, 865,440 children were enrolled in the program, which represents fewer children than were in the program 18 months earlier.

— Hanh Kim Quach

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