Lawsuit Filed To Block Stage 3 Child Care Cut

The scheduled elimination of child care for 55,000 children in low-income working families on Monday, November 1, hinges on the outcome of an 11 a.m. court hearing this morning. The Child Care Law Center and other public interest law groups filed a lawsuit yesterday in Alameda County Superior Court seeking an emergency order to temporarily stop the elimination of “Stage 3” child care, which is scheduled to be terminated due to the Governor’s $256 million line-item veto of Stage 3 funding in the 2010-11 budget. Stage 3 serves families who have transitioned off CalWORKs cash assistance into the workforce, but whose incomes remain sufficiently low that they can’t afford the cost of child care. The lawsuit “seeks an emergency order keeping the funds in place and requiring the state to assist Stage 3 parents in finding other possible sources of child care assistance.”

— Scott Graves