New CBP Analysis Looks at the Governor’s Proposal to Restructure Education Finance in California

Yesterday the CBP released a new report — Moving Forward: Addressing Inequities in School Finance Through the Governor’s Local Control Funding Formula — that examines Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to fundamentally change how the state funds K-12 education. This report shows that by directing additional resources to disadvantaged students — in particular, students from low-income families and English learners — the Governor’s proposed Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) would address significant inequities in California’s current system of school finance.

The CBP’s analysis includes estimates of the LCFF’s impact on selected school districts across the state and also highlights the importance of holding districts accountable for ensuring that the additional funds the LCFF would provide for disadvantaged students directly benefit these young people.

Introduced as part of the Governor’s 2013-14 budget proposal this past January, the LCFF would provide each school district with a base grant per student as well as additional dollars based on the number of economically disadvantaged students and English learners as a share of total district enrollment. The CBP’s report undescores the importance of preserving these additional dollars for disadvantaged students in LCFF policy deliberations.

— Steven Bliss