Senate Subcommittee Examines Key Services for Children, Seniors, and People With Disabilities

This coming Thursday, March 26th, Senate Budget Subcommittee #3 will examine several programs that provide critical assistance to low-income Californians, including CalWORKs — the state’s welfare-to-work program for families with children — and SSI/SSP — a key income-support program for seniors and people with disabilities.

State policymakers made deep cuts to CalWORKs and SSI/SSP in order to help close large budget shortfalls during and following the Great Recession. (We’ve highlighted the impact of these cuts in several recent publications, including this CalWORKs presentation and this SSI/SSP chartbook.) Despite the state’s improving fiscal outlook, recession-era cuts to SSI/SSP remain in place, as do many of the reductions made to CalWORKs.

Key lawmakers have expressed concern that so little progress has been made toward bolstering services that help millions of Californians to make ends meet. This week’s state Senate hearing will provide legislators with another opportunity to sound the alarm and point the way toward possible solutions.

— Scott Graves