State Officials To Discuss Healthy Families Enrollment Freeze Tomorrow

State officials will meet in Sacramento tomorrow to get an update on the Healthy Families enrollment freeze, which took effect on July 17 and is preventing thousands of low-income children from accessing low-cost health coverage. Officials also will discuss alternative sources of funding that could help replace some or all of the $174 million in state funding that was cut from Healthy Families in the revised budget agreement that the Governor signed yesterday.

State officials have been negotiating with the First 5 California Children and Families Commission to see if First 5 could shift some of its tobacco-tax revenues to Healthy Families to fund health coverage for children age 5 and younger, which could keep thousands of kids off the waiting list. So far, First 5 officials have expressed a willingness to help, but have been reluctant to commit to a specific level of support.  First 5 officials may be ready to show their hand at tomorrow’s meeting.

— Scott Graves

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