Statement From Chris Hoene on the 2013-14 Budget Agreement: A New Chapter for Our State, With More Work to Be Done

The CBP has released the following statement from Executive Director Chris Hoene in response to Governor Jerry Brown’s signing of the 2013-14 budget this morning:

“The 2013-14 state budget signed by Governor Brown today signals a new chapter for California. Thanks to the additional revenues approved by voters last November, this budget lays the foundation for our state to begin reinvesting in education, job training, child care, and other public services and systems that are essential to strong communities and widely shared economic opportunity. Also, the Governor and legislators have taken major steps forward by expanding Medi-Cal eligibility to over a million low-income Californians and by fundamentally restructuring K-12 school finance in order to provide additional dollars to educate disadvantaged students.”

Tomorrow the CBP will publish its analysis of the 2013-14 budget and related legislation, highlighting key provisions and their implications. This report will be available on the CBP’s website.