Still Analyzing the Governor’s Proposed Budget

Yesterday, Governor Brown released his proposed spending plan, marking the beginning of the budget season. The staff of the CBP is still analyzing the details of the Governor’s proposal. In a statement released yesterday, CBP Executive Director Jean Ross applauded the Governor for proposing a balanced approach that includes additional revenues, rather than relying on a cuts-only approach. She states, “This represents a departure from past budgets which disproportionately relied on spending reductions, overly optimistic assumptions, and borrowing.” At the same time, particularly as the state faces a troubled economy and high unemployment, she expresses concern for “deep cuts that will weaken the public structures that many Californians rely on, including CalWORKs, the state’s highly successful welfare-to-work program; state assisted child care for families struggling to make ends meet; Medi-Cal, a state-federal health insurance program; and the Healthy Families Program, which helps families purchase affordable health coverage for their children.”

Late yesterday, the CBP released its analysis summarizing the key elements of the Governor’s proposed spending plan. As we get more information, we will update this document, so check our website frequently for additions, clarifications, and corrections.

— Lisa Gardiner