The CBP’s Blog is Born!

We’re joining the ranks of the bloggers! Our new blog, California Budget Bites, a name shamelessly stolen from our colleagues at the Minnesota Budget Project, is our attempt to get you the information you want and need on a timely basis. We plan to use our blog to disseminate the latest news on critical budget and policy debates, share data and resources that we find particularly interesting, and comment on current events as they happen.

California Budget Bites also responds to the accelerating pace of budget developments and economic news, as well as the 24-hour news cycle. We remain committed to getting the facts right, but we also understand that it doesn’t matter how right your information is if it isn’t timely.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback as we start our new endeavor. What would you like more of? And what would you like a little less of? Is this a valuable addition to our work? Send us an email or post a comment. Thanks!

— Jean Ross

5 thoughts on “The CBP’s Blog is Born!

  1. I am a parental caregiver for a 90 year old blind mother, and I fret relentlessly over the possibility of MediCal and IHSS cuts, and the reduction of wages to a measly $8/hr for mom’s caregivers.
    I also am an employee who will depend on CalPers for my pension. Needless to say, selfishly, I want to know more about both of these issues. It would be nice to know that people in high places are paying attention to this blog. It will be tricky for you to maintain the non-partisan perspective of CBP if the principals begin to offer opinion instead of analysis, so that will be a tricky slope to avoid.

  2. Wow! I was just thinking the other day that I wished something like this existed. And poof! Here you are. California is in need of so much reform, starting with our budget and budget process. This site will be a great resource for getting some sunshine on this.

  3. Can you have a place where people can post real suggestions or post questions for others? There is so much that can be identified in the way of duplication, streamlining and cuts. The public would be amazed, but there is no where to post it….

    The classic is Social Security. State employees only joined SS in 1973, before they were only in Pers. The cost added the 7.5 % cost to the employer and the similar percentage to the employee. Corrections does not pay into SS. Local agencies don’t either. So why does the taxpayer pay for two retirement systems? Think of 7.5% savings on about a $1 billion pay roll (minus Corrrection and any other who aren’t in SS) every month? Its a substantial savings. No one talk about it; might require some negotiation wiht the Feds, but when you are on the brink of Bankruptcy….


  4. Nenebird,
    If you have specific suggestions about how to balance the budget, we encourage you to contact the Governor or your legislators.
    For readers who may not be familiar with us, the CBP is an independent, nonprofit public policy research group. We’re not part of any state agency or department.
    Thanks for your interest and feedback.
    Lisa Gardiner
    Communications Director
    California Budget Project

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