Yes, We’re Nonpartisan. Yes, We Have Values.

We’ve noticed an occasional confusion about what it means that the California Budget Project calls itself a nonpartisan organization. So we thought it might be worth taking a minute to explain what we mean.

Nonpartisan means (to quote from our website) that “we neither support nor oppose any political party nor any candidate running for elected office. We focus solely on evaluating public policies and their impact on low- and middle-income Californians.” That means we don’t endorse candidates and we don’t align ourselves with any political party. Many different organizations and people utilize our work once we hit the send button on a report email. But those uses are neither dictated nor controlled by us.

What we do care about are policies, and in particular, public policies that work and don’t work for low- and middle-income Californians. And as an aside, it’s worth noting that more than 90 percent of our funding comes from foundations. The rest comes from individuals and subscriptions. You can see a list of our major supporters on our website.

Yes, we’re nonpartisan. Yes, we have values. Got it?

— Lisa Gardiner

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