Pathways to Shared Prosperity 

What kind of California do we want our children, grandchildren, aging parents, neighbors, friends, and colleagues to live in? One where there are opportunities for all Californians – regardless of age, background, culture, or economic level. Where dated and unfair policies of the past that have undermined the economic security of millions of Californians are dismantled, and we better support women, people of color, and immigrants. A state that builds a broad and inclusive middle class, with ample opportunities for families to hold good-paying jobs and have money to afford housing, child care, and health care. In our new Pathways to Shared Prosperity, the California Budget & Policy Center outlines an economic policy agenda designed to improve the lives of every Californian, grow our state’s economy, and plan for future needs.



Our Policy Agenda – Investing in California’s Future 

Download our economic policy agenda.