Catching Up

The CBP is catching up after our big conference last week. We’ll be sharing some of the content from the conference over the next couple of weeks here, through our newsletter, and on our website. So check back soon. The California Channel is webcasting economist Brad DeLong’s plenary speech, which placed the current economic and financial crisis in historical context.

Under the dome, talk has turned to implementation of the federal economic recovery bill. The Administration unveiled a website providing links to information on how funds will flow to California. For a “one-stop” overview of the impact of the ARRA on California, there’s always the CBP’s recent brief. And if you aren’t triggered out, the State Treasurer’s website includes links to a range of materials. The Treasurer and Director of Finance are required to determine whether the state will meet the threshold established as part of the recent budget agreement. The trigger, as we’ve blogged about before, will determine whether nearly a billion dollars in spending reductions will be rolled back.

— Jean Ross