Coming Soon to a School Near You?

We recently blogged that California’s K-12 education spending dropped by more than $1,000 per student between 2007-08 and 2009-10. Governor Schwarzenegger’s Proposed 2010-11 Budget would cut school funding by an additional $2.7 billion – a reduction equivalent to $432 per student. Three new CBP fact sheets released today document the local impact of the Governor’s K-12 education proposals. Our analyses – by school district, county office of education (COE), and county – show how proposed cuts to general operating support for local schools and the COEs that support them would result in significant reductions at the local level. In fact, the total reduction to districts and counties would be deeper, because these analyses exclude the Governor’s proposal to reduce funding for the K-3 Class Size Reduction Program by $890 million since data are not yet available to assess the impact of this reduction at the district level. California faces difficult budget choices this year. However, the Legislature should consider what the proposed cuts would mean for the quality of education in California’s schools.

— Jonathan Kaplan

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