Meet Tim Gage, Budget Center Board Member

Our vision is of a California where everyone has the opportunity to participate fully in the state’s economic, social, and political life. This will require our state to make smart policy choices and the right kinds of public investments. In working to accomplish this, our team is backed by a diverse and accomplished board of directors, ranging from advocacy leaders to the state’s top economists and researchers. The California Budget & Policy Center’s board members bring decades of experience, expertise, and results. In this blog series, we will introduce each of our board members and give you some insight into the leadership that supports and helps guide the Budget Center.

Tim Gage

Tim Gage joined the California Budget & Policy Center’s board of directors in 2015. He is Co-Founder of Blue Sky Consulting Group and has expertise in budget and tax policy, and in state and local government. Tim spent over 24 years as a fiscal advisor to both houses of the California Legislature and as director of the California Department of Finance, where he served during the Davis administration. In the Legislature, he served as the chief fiscal advisor to two Presidents pro Tempore of the California State Senate and as the chief consultant to the Assembly Ways and Means Committee. Tim started with the state as a program analyst in the Legislative Analyst’s Office. He also taught public finance as an adjunct professor for USC at their State Capital Center in Sacramento. Tim received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Harvard College and a master of public policy from the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley.

Why were you interested in joining the board of the Budget Center?
I was thrilled by the opportunity to participate with the staff and other board members in thinking about how the Budget Center can most effectively inform advocates and the public about the budget.

If you could make one policy change in California, what would it be?
Significantly expand workforce and skills training programs to help workers better adapt to the rapid pace of change in the workforce.

Where is your favorite place to go in California?
Home, in Fort Bragg.

If you could have coffee with anyone (dead/alive), who would it be?
Winston Churchill.

What is something people don’t generally know about you?
I recently became a master gardener.

Meet the Budget Center’s board of directors.