Op-Ed: Keeping the Promise of the New School Funding Formula

Today, the Sacramento Bee featured an op-ed from CBP Senior Policy Analyst Jonathan Kaplan, which points to the need for greater transparency in California’s new system of K-12 school funding — the “Local Control Funding Formula” (LCFF). Almost one year since the new funding formula was enacted, this year’s budget negotiations could determine whether education stakeholders have access to easy-to-understand information about how school districts use LCFF dollars. As stated in the op-ed:

In the coming days, legislators and the governor will make crucial decisions about transparency. The issue at hand is whether districts will be required to report the amount they receive through the new formula to support disadvantaged students and — more importantly — how they use those dollars to benefit them. If state policymakers do not require this basic level of accounting, it will be very difficult for local stakeholders to answer some key questions about how the new funding formula is working.

The full op-ed is available on the Sacramento Bee’s website.

— Steven Bliss