Statement from Chris Hoene on the Governor’s Proposed 2013-14 Budget

Today, Governor Jerry Brown released his proposed 2013-14 budget. In response, Chris Hoene, executive director of the California Budget Project, a nonpartisan public policy research group, released the following statement:

“The Governor’s budget proposal shows that the significant new revenues approved by the state’s voters this past November have stabilized California’s finances. With the state’s fiscal situation improving after years of severe budget shortfalls, it’s time to start rebuilding the public services and systems that are essential to all Californians.

“The Governor’s proposed budget represents a major step forward on many fronts. His budget includes a new K-12 school funding formula that aims to increase funding for disadvantaged students. The Governor also proposes to expand Medi-Cal as envisioned under federal health care reform, increasing low-income Californians’ access to affordable health care.

“But at the same time, state policymakers could do more to restore the severe cuts made in recent years to child care and other supports that help families struggling to find and keep jobs. And with an eye toward long-term fiscal stability, the state could scale back or end ineffective tax credits and incentives, such as the costly Enterprise Zone Program.

“California is turning the corner on years of serious budget challenges. Our state now has the opportunity to choose a fiscally responsible path while reinvesting in vital public services that foster economic growth and contribute to broadly shared prosperity.”