The “Determinators” Discuss the Budget Trigger

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer and Finance Director Mike Genest – whom Lockyer referred to as the “determinators” – held a public hearing this morning at the state Capitol on the $10 billion federal funds “trigger” that the Legislature wrote into the 2009-10 budget agreement. The CBP’s executive director, Jean Ross, was one of many concerned Californians who testified at the hearing. Her testimony recapped points made in a letter to Lockyer and Genest, who are charged with deciding whether California will receive sufficient federal funds by June 2010 to eliminate, or trigger off, $948 million in cuts and a $1.8 billion personal income tax increase. Lockyer and Genest did not make a decision at today’s hearing. A final decision is likely to come at a second public hearing later this month.

— Scott Graves