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Press conference of governor of the state of California concept. Seal of the governor of the State of California on the tribune with flag of USA and California state. 3d illustration

Understanding the Governor’s 2022-23 May Revision

Our First Look analysis breaks down the updated proposal into short sections highlighting how Californians may benefit from the spending plan and puts a spotlight on proposals that still don’t do enough for Californians struggling to make ends meet.

Get the Facts

California’s state budget consists of three types of state funds: the General Fund, state special funds, and state bond funds.

Most state support for education, health and human services, and state prisons comes from the General Fund.

More than 3/4 of total state spending flows as “local assistance” to public schools, community colleges, Californians enrolled in safety net programs, and others.

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Chris Hoene
Executive Director
Scott Graves
Director of Research

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