California Policy Analysis

On the November Ballot

Proposition 5: Should Californians Expand Property Tax Breaks for Older, Wealthier Homeowners at the Expense of Other Homeowners and Public Services?

California Policy Analysis

An Initial Look at the New Census Data for Our State

According to the Supplemental Poverty Measure — a more accurate indicator of economic hardship — more than 7 million Californians live in poverty.

Congressional District Fact Sheets

The Federal Farm Bill

CalFresh Reduces Hunger Across California, but Will Congress Protect and Strengthen the Program?

California Women's Well-Being Index

California Women's Well-Being Index

Issue Briefs Take a Closer Look

A new set of analyses examines how our state can advance gender and racial equity through increased employment, earnings, and economic security.

Making Ends Meet 2017

Making Ends Meet: How Much Does It Cost to Support a Family in California?

This interactive tool lets you see basic family budgets for every county in our state.