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Safe and stable housing is a fundamental need for every child and adult. Yet state legal protections that have kept California renters with low incomes housed throughout the pandemic expire at the end of March 2022. Applications for emergency rental assistance will close at the same time.

Half of California renters with low incomes report facing housing hardship. While thousands of California households have been helped by emergency rental assistance as of mid-March 2022, other families and adults are still waiting for the state to process their applications and have not yet received payments.

State policymakers can extend legal protections for California renters, provide opportunities to still apply for emergency rental assistance, and help people avoid the devastating effects of eviction and potential homelessness. The health and economic effects of COVID-19 are not over for families and individuals — rental support must continue to keep Californians housed.

Support for this report was provided by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

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