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Invest in Connection & Empowerment

Policy Insights brings people together from across the state who are committed to advancing more equitable policy in California. We’ve heard from state leaders, advocates, and impacted community members about how we can work together to expand equitable economic opportunities and promote well-being for all Californians.

The Policy Insights Conference is a unique space that connects community leaders, nonprofits and philanthropy to government and elected officials so that together, we can find solutions for a more equitable and inclusive California.
Cathy Cha
President & CEO
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

This year, we’re looking forward to continuing the conversation. 

Despite a looming budget shortfall, California is still home to considerable wealth, providing an opportunity to ensure that every resident has a roof over their head, access to food, and a safety net to fall on.

It’s time for real solutions that prioritize the well-being of Californians and their families, not budget cuts. Join us at Policy Insights 2024, where we bring together the state’s policy community to share transformative ideas and strategize about our pathways toward creating a more inclusive state.

What does investing in Policy Insights mean?

Your investment in Policy Insights allows us to focus on informing, connecting, and empowering those working toward race, equity, and social justice. Learn more about how we’ve implemented a more equity- and community-centric fundraising approach. 

By investing in Policy Insights, you support the California Budget & Policy Center’s equity-centered programming, such as:

  • Elevating voices. For the second year, Policy Insights will include an open proposal process to provide partners with the opportunity to lead workshops at the conference.
  • Increasing accessibility. Policy Insights will aim to provide more opportunities for under-resourced partners across the state by offering four ticket levels for attendees.
  • Amplifying diverse perspectives. Workshops will amplify the voices, experiences, and work of those most directly impacted by public policies.
  • Supporting our partners. Honorariums will be given to community/locally-focused partners that may need more resources to engage in our conference fully. 

Benefits for investors of Policy Insights

All Policy Insights investors will get their logos/names on programming and promotional materials, recognition during the conference, and opportunities to participate in additional events. 

Support Policy Insights today

We hope we can rely on your support to center equity by investing in Policy Insights at a level your organization is able.

To join our Policy Insights Investment Program, please contact Katherine Robles-Ayala at