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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — known as CalFresh in California — is the largest federal food assistance program for families with low incomes. On average, nearly 5 million Californians received CalFresh benefits each month in 2022. While CalFresh participation varied across the state, around one-quarter of the population in three congressional districts depended on this program to put food on their tables.

CalFresh has been instrumental in recent years in combating poverty and feeding families as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt throughout the state. This year, the program is due for reauthorization at the federal level, with the Farm Bill set to expire in September. With much of the COVID-19 pandemic relief ending or being rolled back, including SNAP emergency allotments and Pandemic EBT, many CalFresh recipients will see their benefits decrease.1See report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities for additional information on temporary pandemic-related SNAP benefits. Food insecurity across California may be exacerbated without this additional support that many families have come to rely on. Federal and state leaders should protect and strengthen CalFresh.

Almost 5 Million Californians Benefited from CalFresh Every Month in 2022

Congressional DistrictRepresentativePartyEstimated Average Number of Participants, 2022*CalFresh Participants as a Share of the District  PopulationRank (Highest to Lowest Percentage)Estimated Annual CalFresh Benefits**
1Doug LaMalfaRepublican119,00015.5%14$343,478,000
2Jared HuffmanDemocratic76,0009.9%33$219,919,000
3Kevin KileyRepublican49,0006.3%44$140,823,000
4Mike ThompsonDemocratic66,0008.7%39$190,732,000
5Tom McClintockRepublican82,00010.6%32$236,896,000
6Ami BeraDemocratic116,00015.4%17$336,949,000
7Doris MatsuiDemocratic117,00015.4%16$338,716,000
8John GaramendiDemocratic89,00011.9%27$257,694,000
9Josh HarderDemocratic107,00013.9%19$310,064,000
10Mark DeSaulnierDemocratic37,0004.9%50$107,334,000
11Nancy PelosiDemocratic80,00011.3%29$230,125,000
12Barbara LeeDemocratic92,00012.5%24$266,687,000
13John DuarteRepublican146,00018.7%7$423,842,000
14Eric SwalwellDemocratic50,0006.7%42$145,099,000
15Kevin MullinDemocratic42,0005.7%46$122,618,000
16Anna EshooDemocratic33,0004.5%52$96,740,000
17Ro KhannaDemocratic35,0004.7%51$100,676,000
18Zoe LofgrenDemocratic89,00012.2%26$258,159,000
19Jimmy PanettaDemocratic50,0006.5%43$144,907,000
20Kevin McCarthyRepublican116,00015.1%18$334,899,000
21Jim CostaDemocratic199,00026.3%1$575,427,000
22David G. ValadaoRepublican188,00023.6%2$543,496,000
23Jay ObernolteRepublican150,00019.7%5$434,598,000
24Salud CarbajalDemocratic69,0009.1%34$201,017,000
25Raul RuizDemocratic149,00019.4%6$430,416,000
26Julia BrownleyDemocratic61,0008.1%40$176,388,000
27Mike GarciaRepublican117,00015.6%13$338,138,000
28Judy ChuDemocratic66,0008.9%38$190,214,000
29Tony CárdenasDemocratic121,00016.4%11$351,133,000
30Adam SchiffDemocratic101,00013.9%20$293,270,000
31Grace NapolitanoDemocratic100,00013.6%22$290,362,000
32Brad ShermanDemocratic69,0009.1%36$200,042,000
33Pete AguilarDemocratic126,00016.5%9$363,765,000
34Jimmy GomezDemocratic137,00018.2%8$395,248,000
35Norma TorresDemocratic95,00012.3%25$276,276,000
36Ted LieuDemocratic44,0006.0%45$126,011,000
37Sydney KamlagerDemocratic165,00021.9%4$476,158,000
38Linda SánchezDemocratic81,00010.9%31$234,789,000
39Mark TakanoDemocratic99,00013.0%23$287,857,000
40Young KimRepublican37,0004.9%49$106,302,000
41Ken CalvertRepublican71,0009.0%37$204,736,000
42Robert GarciaDemocratic121,00016.3%12$349,609,000
43Maxine WatersDemocratic166,00022.5%3$479,267,000
44Nanette BarragánDemocratic116,00015.4%15$336,596,000
45Michelle SteelRepublican84,00011.2%30$242,049,000
46Lou CorreaDemocratic103,00013.6%21$299,049,000
47Katie PorterDemocratic40,0005.3%48$115,231,000
48Darrell IssaRepublican68,0009.1%35$197,230,000
49Mike LevinDemocratic40,0005.3%47$116,891,000
50Scott PetersDemocratic51,0006.8%41$147,559,000
51Sara JacobsDemocratic87,00011.4%28$252,617,000
52Juan VargasDemocratic125,00016.5%10$361,732,000

* Figures are rounded to the nearest 100. Estimates do not sum to total due to rounding and excluded zip code data.
** Figures are rounded to the nearest 1,000. Estimates do not sum to total due to rounding and excluded zip code data.

Note: Values for California reflect the actual number of CalFresh participants and the total value of CalFresh benefits for January through December. District-level estimates are based on zip code-level data for CalFresh recipients in December 2022. About 1% of zip code-level data are excluded due to hidden totals for de-identification purposes and special classifications of zip codes. Therefore, participation for some congressional districts may be underestimated. Data are for individuals receiving federal SNAP benefits and do not reflect individuals receiving state-funded assistance through the California Food Assistance Program.

Source: California Budget & Policy Center analysis of data from the Department of Social Services and US Census Bureau, American Community Survey

A map showing the estimated CalFresh participation in California in 2022 where the CalFresh program helps feed families in every congressional district.
A map showing the estimated CalFresh participation in the Los Angeles region in 2022 where the CalFresh program helps feed families in every congressional district.

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