Dollars, Democracy, and K-12 Education

A Guide to School Funding and the State Budget Process

Building off of the California Budget & Policy Center’s Dollars and Democracy: A Guide to the State Budget Process, this presentation focuses on the K-12 experience and explains why the state budget matters for California’s K-12 students and families, teachers, and schools. The goal is to help the many people who come into contact with their K-12 schools understand the state budget process and recognize opportunities for community engagement as decisions about dollars for students and schools are decided by state policymakers.

View the school funding & state budget process guide.

As a companion to this guide, the Budget Center provides a print-friendly infographic, Navigating the State Budget Process, that illustrates the key steps in the state budget process as well as the respective roles of the Governor and the Legislature and the various opportunities for public involvement. View the companion infographic.