Proposition 55 Analysis

Proposition 55

Ballot Measure Analysis

Our new report looks at Prop. 55 — what it would do and what's at stake for our state budget and key areas of public investment.

Proposition 57 Analysis

Proposition 57:

Ballot Measure Analysis

Should Voters Provide State Officials With New Flexibility to Reduce the Prison Population?

Proposition 51 Analysis

Proposition 51:

Ballot Measure Analysis

Should California Voters Approve Bonds to Pay for School Facilities?

What Has Prop 30 Meant for California?

What Has Proposition 30 Meant for California?

Issue Brief

This new Budget Center analysis looks at the impact of the Proposition 30 tax increases, approved by California voters nearly four years ago.

California Women's Well-Being Index

California Women's Well-Being Index

Budget Center Interactive

How are women faring across our state? This online resource includes information on women's health and safety, economic standing, and political participation for each county.

California Policy Analysis

Interactive Tool on State EITC

This online feature shows how working Californians can benefit from the state's Earned Income Tax Credit.