California Policy Analysis

Storylines That Are Holding Back Broader Economic Opportunity in California

"Steady as you go." "Boom and bust."

Chris Hoene discusses why California must move past these ways of thinking about the state budget.

California Policy Analysis

First Look:

The 2015-16 State Budget

Read our analysis of the 2015-16 budget enacted by the Governor and the Legislature.

California Policy Analysis


Children's Health in California

A discussion of how our state could have a stronger system of promoting children's health and well-being.

California Policy Analysis

Who Pays Taxes in California?

This report looks at California's system of state and local taxes and shows that low-income families contribute the largest share of their incomes.

California Policy Analysis

Introducing the

California Budget & Policy Center

We're marking 20 years with a new name and a new look.

California Policy Analysis



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